It’s time to get serious about what we are putting on our skin. We are talking about seriously pure, organic, handmade, natural bath and body products. Products handcrafted for the benefits they can bring to your skin and made to replace all the things you are using now that are full of chemicals and detergents. Real soap, real ingredients.

Puppy Love Dog Soap With Ground Oats, Calendula, Neem Oil and Tea Tree Oil

Image of Puppy Love Dog Soap With Ground Oats, Calendula, Neem Oil and Tea Tree Oil


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It seems that more and more of our beloved dogs are having skin issues. They suffer from hot spots, inflamed skin, allergies, extreme itchiness not to mention being at the mercy of insects like fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. It made sense to me that all the additives in their “medicated” shampoos would bother their skin just like it did mine.

Neem oil and Karanja oils are antiseptic, insecticidal and healing. The essential oils are also antiseptic and insecticidal as well as great for the health of a dog’s coat. The olive oil and lanolin condition the coat. Oat flour and ground calendula are super soothing to angry, itchy skin.

Get your dog really wet and rub the bar across the fur to work up a lather. Leave the lather on a few minutes and work it through to the skin. Rinse well. Here’s a hint; cut your bar of soap in half. It’s easier to work with and your soap will last longer!

This isn’t a cure (or replacement for medicines from your vet)…just a great way to offer comfort from the irritation. Sort of like your dog does for you.

Not for use on cats (the oils are dangerous for them).

You will get a 4.5 ounce bar in our signature packaging.

Made from organic and responsibly harvested oils and herbs.

A complete listing of ingredients is on the label.